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Item specifics
  • Item Type: Thermometers
  • Age Group: Babies
  • Type: Electronic
  • Material: ABS
  • Application: Forehead
  • Thermometer Type: Digital
  • Model Number: YY0252
  • Applicable object: Baby Ce Wenyi
  • measurement accuracy: 0.3 degrees C (F.S)
  • size: 150*92*42 (mm) (mm)
  • Temperature measurement range: 32 degrees C ---42.5 C
  • Display mode: liquid crystal
  • Texture of material: Plastic electronics
  • response time: 1
  • Specifications: English Instruction
  • weight: 172 grams (without batteries)
  • Remarks: Automatic shutdown
Product Description

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A,Infrared thermometer product parameters:


Precision: measuring deviation le; & & plusmn; 0.3 degree. (using imported infrared detection system)
Fast: measuring time is less than 1 seconds.
Easy to use: a key measurement, easy to operate.
Non contact: on the forehead of the human body measurement, do not contact with the human body skin.
Long life: 5 Section 2 battery, can be used more than 10 million times, the service life of the product more than 300 times.
Measurement range: within the 5~15CM can be adapted to no fixed distance measurement.
Large screen display: large screen liquid crystal display, white backlight, any light can be clearly displayed.
Temperature alarm: freedom to set alarm temperature.
Storage data: 32 measurement data, easy to analyze and compare.
Settings modify: you can modify the settings parameters to adapt to different color of the race (white, black, yellow, etc.)
Unit conversion: the use of degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit can be converted to each other.

Product use:
Human body temperature measurement: accurate measurement of human body temperature, instead of the traditional mercury thermometer.
Skin temperature measurement: measuring human skin surface temperature, such as for replantation of severed limb surgery requires measurement of skin surface temperature.
Object temperature measurement: measuring the surface temperature of an object, such as the temperature of the surface of a cup.
Liquid temperature: measuring the temperature of a liquid, such as the temperature of the baby\'s bath water, the temperature of the milk in the bottle, and so on.

Technology performance:

1 normal operating conditions: ambient temperature: 10
2 power: DC3V battery
3 dimensions: 150*92*42 (long & times; wide & times; high)
4 weight: 220g
5 measurement range:
Body temperature mode: 32 ---42.5
Surface mode: 0 ~100
6 precision: 0.3

7 power: & le; 50Mw
8 measuring distance: 5CM-15CM
9 automatic shutdown: 15 seconds


Two,Picture show:



Three, the use of methods:

1.Matters needing attention:
- follow the instructions in this manual.
- this product is suitable for professional use or family use
Products using the ambient temperature must be at 10~40.
- the product must be kept clean and dry.
Do not put the gun on the forehead - electric shock.
- should not be placed on the forehead thermometer temperature extremes: above 50 DEG C or less than -20 degrees.
Do not put the gun on the forehead temperature - humidity higher than 85%.
- the glass of the front of the product is the most fragile part.
- do not touch the infrared lens with your finger.
- please do not expose the glass to the Guangyang or immersed in water.
- please do not use this product outside
- please do not drop the product.
- if any problem is found to be in contact with the seller, the product can not be repaired by itself

2.Battery installation:
Use 3V battery, install the battery when the positive and negative attention can not be installed, otherwise no function, but will not damage the product.

3.Correct use:
The correct use of the method is the key to test accuracy, otherwise it may cause measurement error. Because of the high requirements of the surrounding environment, therefore, please follow the following tips.
1. Measuring temperature, should the instrument pointing before the middle of forehead & amp; mdash; above the eyebrows and maintain the vertical, measurement sites can not be hair occluded, instruments and forehead distance advice about 5~8CM.
2 when the measured temperature difference between the people from the larger place, should be at least in the test environment to stay more than 5 minutes, to be consistent with the ambient temperature after the measurement, otherwise it will affect the results of the measurement.
3. Fever patient\'s forehead overlying cold, sweating, and take other cooling measures will make the measurement result is low, should avoid measurements in this case.
4 products from the test environment and the temperature difference between the larger place to take out the use of the instrument should be placed in the use of the environment for 20 minutes after the re-use.
5 the environment around the test should be stable, can not be in the fan, air conditioning and other large air flow of the local test.
6 can not use the instrument in the outdoor or sunlight strong place.

4.Setting adjustment:
This product can modify the default parameter settings, in order to adapt to the different colors of the race, before leaving the factory has aimed at different markets do factory settings, if not necessary, the army discussion don\'t modify the factory default value, if there is indeed a need to modify, please according to the following steps.

1 temperature unit set -F1
Hold down the SETTNG key for 2 seconds, the screen shows: F1, select & lsquo; -& rsquo; & lsquo; +& rsquo; is fahrenheit. Press the SETTING key to confirm the settings. (factory defaults to degrees Celsius)

2 alarm temperature setting -F2
Hold down the SETTING key for 2 seconds, the screen shows: F1, and then press the 1 SETTING key to enter the F2. & lsquo; +& rsquo; &; lsquo; -& rsquo; it is reduced by 0.1 C. Press SETTING key to confirm. (factory defaults to 38 degrees).


3 temperature overall offset setting -F3
Objective: to adjust the measurement error of the instrument in order to meet the different color of the people. (does not build the instrument to change this setting)
Press SETTING button 2 seconds, the screen shows: F1, press the SETTING button 3 times to enter the F3. Choice of & lsquo; +& rsquo; increase the deviation of 0.1 degrees, according to & rsquo; -& lsquo; reduce the deviation of 0.1 degrees C (factory default to 0 degrees) according to SETTING key confirmation.

4 buzzer on / off settings -F4
Press SETTING button 2 seconds, the screen shows: F1, press the SETTING button 4 times to enter the F4
Press & ldquo; +& rdquo; open buzzer (there is a horn symbol displayed on the screen), press & ldquo; -& rdquo; key sound is closed, the symbol is gone. Press SETTING key to confirm.
(factory default for the buzzer to open)

5 temperature mode setting
Products are designed for measuring the temperature of the human body, specially designed for this purpose, with & ldquo; body temperature rdquo; & mode; also can use the instrument to measure the object food, solid or room temperature, for this purpose, please use the surface temperature model. Range of body temperature measurement:
The surface temperature measurement range of 32 to 42.9 degrees C is: 0

Toggle switch to BODY, temperature model; surface temperature mode dial to OBJECT

6 exit setup mode
In the F4 mode, press the 1 SETTING button until the screen is closed, the instrument automatically exits settings.

7 historical data view
After each test, the instrument will automatically record the test data, can record up to 32 historical data, if you want to view the data, according to the following operation.
Also according to the & amp; ldquo; +& rdquo; and & amp; ldquo; - & amp; rdquo; button for more than 2 seconds can display the last time the measured temperature. According to the & amp; ldquo; - & amp; rdquo; key display the penultimate and data, followed by analogy, you can view all the history of the number of measurements according to.
Do not press any key, 15 seconds will exit this mode and automatically close the instrument.

5.Battery replacement
Instrument uses 2 AA (V) battery, under normal circumstances can be used continuously for more than 10 million times, when the screen on the battery symbol outlet and flashing, indicating insufficient battery (stainless 2.4V& [plusmn]; 0.2) and need to replace the battery as soon as possible.
1. Open the battery cover and replace the battery with special care, positive and negative electrode of the battery placed position to correct, otherwise may not function and product design with anti reverse connection device for battery, even if the polarity of the battery is arranged anti nor the product damage, but the product will not work.
2 please do not use rechargeable batteries, only the use of disposable batteries, as far as possible with alkaline batteries.
3 instrument does not work when the power is very small, short period of time (six months) can not remove the battery, long time no use, it is recommended to remove the battery, so as not to damage the battery leakage of products.

6.Daily maintenance
In the process of using the product, please follow the instructions when the following conditions are found.
1. Outside a dirty: with a clean soft cloth to wipe the dirt, or with a cotton swab stick medical alcohol to wipe, with medical alcohol rub can also both sterilization role. Pay attention to water or alcohol do not too much, lest inflows into internal product damage.
2. Internal dirt: inside the probe is a sheet of glass is an important device, don\'t with the fingers or other objects touch or pressure, otherwise it will affect the measurements for exact. When found the glass lens surface dirty, please use cotton sign stick more than 95% purity anhydrous alcohol wipe the lens surface.
Important: do not use 75% alcohol to clean the lens. (there will be traces of residual water) can not use other chemicals to wipe the lens.
Safe deposit:
Put in a place where the sun is dark and the sun is out of direct sunlight.


Three, infrared temperature measurement principle:

Understanding the principle of infrared temperature measurement can help you to use this product correctly, so that the data is more accurate.
1 all objects, solids, liquids, or gases are released to the surrounding environment.
2 the temperature of the object is directly proportional to the intensity of the radiation energy, that is, the higher the temperature, the greater the energy of the radiation.
3 the human body outward radiation energy basic to infrared radiation is not the main.
4 the infrared intensity of the human body to the external radiation and the body\'s own body temperature and body temperature, the body temperature, the higher the temperature, the greater the radiation energy; the lower the ambient temperature, the greater the radiation energy.
5 by measuring the intensity of the infrared energy of the human body to the surrounding radiation, the temperature of the body can be calculated.
6 infrared thermometer itself does not emit any energy to the outside, but passively to perceive the external infrared energy.
7 infrared temperature measuring gun through the precise measurement of the human body to release the weak infrared energy, and then through the complex dynamic calculation and various compensation correction, can accurately measure the body\'s body temperature. The product is composed of a built-in far infrared probe and related hardware and software. It can detect, analyze and record the measured object and environment temperature. Therefore, once the operator product by using methods similar to human specific parts (forehead), and press key and measure the, you can immediately activate infrared radiation receiving sensor, rapidly through the passive infrared sensor probe to due to arterial flow generated heat, to finely measured accurately to the human body temperature.


Four, difficult to answer:

For the following problems encountered in use, please refer to the following guidelines to help solve the problem, if the problem is still not resolved, please call our after-sales service:
1 screen display temperature is greater than 95 degrees
Temperature is in Fahrenheit, the need to turn to the degree Celsius, by pressing the SETTING key to enter the F1, converted to degrees celsius.
2 the screen shows the body temperature mode is lower than 32
The temperature mode is in ldquo; & surface temperature rdquo;; mode, need to turn to & ldquo; body temperature rdquo; & mode by pressing SETING key to enter F3, convert to & ldquo; body temperature & rdquo; mode; &;; mode.
3 screen display HI information
& ldquo; rdquo; & mode, when measured temperature exceeds 42.9 degrees, the product will display HI. Confirm the product in & ldquo; surface temperature & rdquo; or & ldquo; body temperature; rdquo; & mode operation.
In & ldquo; body temperature mode, the human body still shows HI measurement, first check the body of the test site is in contact with the external heat source, if not confirmed, we need to call our after-sales service.
4 screen display LO information
In & ldquo; ldquo; & mode, when the measured temperature is below 32 degrees, the instrument will display LO. & ldquo; & rdquo; & ldquo; &; rdquo; mode of operation. In & ldquo; body temperature rdquo; & mode, the measurement of the human body still shows LO, first according to the following table to find the reasons, if the confirmation is not the cause of the table, you need to call our after-sales service.
Screen shows the main reason for LO:

Show the reasons for LO information

Treatment recommendations

The temperature is read with hair or sweat

Make sure there is no obstacle or sweat on the forehead

There is cold air blowing on the forehead

Make sure there is no cold air directly blowing on the forehead

The forehead just cold over

After just cold cover and so on 10 minutes after the measurement

Measuring distance too far

Build instrument measuring distance is 5-8CM


Five, body temperature common sense:

The human body is a very complex integrated systems biology, the body temperature is normal life activities of the human body is one of the important data, described below medical temperature measurement of common sense, to help us to keep abreast of their own body key Kang status.

Body temperature
Interpretation: refers to the internal organs of the pulmonary artery, or the real temperature of the esophagus.
Measurement: the use of a dedicated device with a temperature measurement probe into the pulmonary artery or esophagus measurement.
Advantages: precision, constant, the most realistic response to the internal organs of the human body temperature.
Disadvantages: such as intrusive temperature measurement methods, require special equipment and professional technology.

Anal temperature
Interpretation: refers to the temperature of the anal rectum of the human body.
Measurement: a thermometer is inserted into the anus and rectum.
A bit: Anal temperature is relatively stable, close to the body\'s internal temperature, commonly referred to as the medical temperature is the temperature of the anus.
Disadvantages: insert the rectum, is not easy to be accepted, easy to cross infection.

Oral cavity temperature
Interpretation: refers to the body\'s mouth temperature.
Measurement: insert oral tongue with a thermometer under closed temperature.
Advantages: oral temperature is relatively stable, close to the internal body temperature.
Disadvantages: insert the mouth, is not easy to be accepted, easy to cross infection.

Axillary temperature
Explanation: refers to the human armpit temperature.
Measurement: using a thermometer clip in the armpit measurement.
Advantages: the measurement is simple, not easy to cross infection, easy to be accepted, is the most common clinical application of the most common method of measurement.
Disadvantages: than the actual temperature is low, the measurement value of each time will change, the measurement is not accurate enough.

Cochlear temperature
The temperature of the inner ear drum of the human cochlea.
Measurement: a cochlear implant measurement with an infrared ear thermometer.
Advantages: the temperature of the inner membrane of the cochlea is relatively stable, which is close to the internal temperature of the human body.
Disadvantages: must use the infrared temperature measurement method is easily affected by the size and ear cerumen ear canal (commonly known as the influence caused by wax)
Measurement deviation, measured 1~2 times must wait 3-5 minutes before it can be measured again, can not be used continuously, because of contact with ear canal, easy cross infection.

Forehead temperature
Explanation: refers to the human body temperature at the forehead between the eyebrows.
The measurement by forehead temperature measurement instrument.
Advantages: non-contact, fast and accurate.
Disadvantages: to use higher environmental requirements, such as: not in air-conditioning outlet, not in the high temperature environment measurement, the condition itself to be measured is required, such as: forehead there can be no sweat, no hair occlusion.

Comparison of different temperature measurement methods
Different temperature measurement method is used to measure the temperature of the cable, and the difference between the temperature and the temperature can be seen in the following table.

Measuring position

Normal temperature

Anal temperature

36.6 degrees C ~38 C

Oral cavity temperature

35.5 degrees C ~37.5 C

Axillary temperature

34.7 degrees C ~37.3 C

Cochlear temperature

35.8 degrees C ~38 C

Forehead temperature

35.8 degrees C ~37.8 C

Changes in body temperature
Man is a constant temperature animals, body temperature is basically constant, but not static, one day the human body temperature is constantly changing, as follows:

Night is minimum,due to sleep, activity decreases, the body temperature is lowest (below 37 degrees).

Morning is getting high,because go to bed early in the morning from the lower room temperature, muscle contraction, heat generation.

Noon is highest,after the meal, the highest temperature, the body\'s natural sleep regulation, do not want to move.

Three or four pm is gradually low,due to physical exertion, low blood sugar.

At night is minimum,as the sun goes down, the room temperature drops.



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  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 0.5kg (1.10lb.)
  • Package Size: 10cm x 10cm x 10cm (3.94in x 3.94in x 3.94in)
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